Grapefruit Friends



The list of people who have helped and supported us in various ways is long indeed. However, there are a small number of people who have gone out of their way to help us to such an extent that we consider them to have honorary membership of The Grapefruit. Thank-you!

Andrew Shearer

Andrew put a lot of time in helping and advising Mr. Paulo on the technical and administrative sides of his project.  He also showed enormous generosity in offering support and encouragement to Mr. Paulo: in the early stages of the project, when he was a tender beginner, this contributed a lot to his confidence.

Jack Cade

Jack has provided Mr. Paulo with a lot of help and advice, drawing on his experience as a well-established artist on the local scene.  He has also put a lot of effort into promoting and publicising Mr. Paulo’s material; and has helped us get good gigs.

Rob Sowden

Rob is to be thanked for the considerable support and encouragement he has given to Mr. Paulo throughout the development of the project.  And a solemn nod goes out in his direction in recognition of the passionate efforts he makes to promote original music on the local scene more generally.

Sid Siddle

Sid, aka Mr. Club Velocity, has consistently championed us, given us great gigs and drawn on his experience as a local promoter to give us sound advice at every step.  We could certainly not have come as far as we have if it weren’t for him.

Amy Widdowson

We are very touched by the level of support our committed fan Amy has shown in promoting and publicising our material and online presence more generally.

Liisa Ford

Another one of our committed fans, Liisa has also shown a tremendous level of support and was in fact the first person to sport a Luke Paulo t-shirt which she had prepared independently!  She can be seen wearing it at our gigs!

Raji Kulatilake

As well as consistently showing support by his presence at our gigs, Raji in addition makes good use of his handheld device: many of the photos and videos which have contributed to our online presence are in fact shot by him!

Ryan O’Donoghue

Like Amy, Liisa and Raji, Ryan has offered support in any way he can for some time, introducing our work to his own considerable following as a singer-songwriter!