Grapefruit Love


“Straightedge God-like genius”

Club Velocity (Reading promoter)


“It’s got lots of charm….  Very charming….  It gets you.”

Mark ‘Tufty’ Evans, BBC Radio Berkshire (on Clear Water)


“The clear cabaret feel on show with ‘Clear Water’ goes some way for drawing you in.  It holds a high sense of referential that is self-medicated in the dropped down delivery that plays like a dream.  The murder ballad sensibilities have aplomb and clearly process the delivery in a similar fashion.  Fleshed out with a lighter jazz flow is ‘Eyes At The Window,’ yet the noir aspects are tailored in their own eccentric way here.  Life seems to run through it all in a realised way yet it seems to have an offbeat appeal that grows in stature on further repeat playing.  With ‘Beads On The Floor’ you do make a Nick Cave comparison for all the right reasons.  The sunken way things are threaded through crafts things in a beautiful manner that is rather enigmatic.  This is amassed in a tantamount way which hangs off everything excellently and provides fully in the deadened approach.

“Moving up a gear is ‘Crazy Like You’ and it confidently breaks into stride.  The Tex Mex stirrings fall across here and play like a dream.  The strong sense of resolve is heartened and is availed of in a conclusive way that lights the tune up deservedly.  Then we come to ‘Hey Annie.’  This is a clever tune and it is carried across fancifully.  How it draws from this is more than a by-the-numbers approach as initially suggested because it is a detailed tune with a lustre about it all that commendably comes full circle.  The we close out with the excellently titled ‘A Summer That Lasts Forever,’ which has this delectable romanticism about it that falls gracefully into place.  The exquisite touches mindfully caress the narrative and the sense of loss rightfully sits in a central way on the running.  It is a fine closing track that sees things out in a moving way.”

Unsigned and Independent Music Magazine (on Mirrors; review score 9/10)


“The EP is a respectable and diverse accomplishment, one which oozes character and passion.”

The Music Spot Online Magazine (on Mirrors; review score 7.8/10)


“The low vocals by frontman Luke soothe the mind as tinkering pianos and soft guitars harmonise beautifully in the background, creating a melodic base for the words to fall upon.”



“… ‘smoky Berlin-style cabaret blues’ band Luke Paulo and the Grapefruit… ones to watch this year”

Linda Serck, getreading


“The guy and his band have been making a bit of a stir round these parts, that being Berkshire….  It’s a wonderful challenge to pigeon-hole their sound.  Which is great news….  They throw in a bit of jazz, a dash of Eastern European fierceness, some fabulous piano parts, thumping clarinet; all topped with some rather dark and sexual lyrics.  His song ‘Clear Water’ is a great example of his talent.”

The Ocelot


“Perhaps, for the best performers, the music finds them.  That seems to be the case with Luke Paulo and his band, The Grapefruit.  He is based in Berkshire but plays blues songs with a particular East European cabaret flavour. It is a bit like being transported to a basement cabaret bar in Prague, Berlin or Budapest. His lyrics are never obvious and frequently witty and very, very clever.”

Big Untidy (Reading promoter)


“…a very cool jazzy style”

Thame Gazette


“Berlin smoking blues for full time punks”

Club Velocity (Reading promoter)


“This is music for dark smoky bars with shady characters hidden in booths drinking deep red wine and demands a hushed reverence.”

Beer, Biscuits and Bricks


“God-like genius.  Deepest voice in pop music.  Sounds like Nick Cave pouring whiskey over his corn flakes, whilst Tom Waits is making coffee.  Yesssssss.”

Club Velocity (Reading promoter)


“Reading’s answer to Nick Cave.  Bang.”

BBC Introducing Live and EMBEEPEE (Reading promoters)


“Joyous!  Like a bleak sonic circus trapped in the back row of a Kurt Weill opera, set designed by Nick Cave and Scott Walker.”

MikeWhitePresents (London writer/producer)


“…darkly witty guitar and piano poetry”

Rising Sun Arts Centre (Reading venue)


“The world is finally waking up to their wonderfully different adventure of musical greatness.”

Club Velocity (Reading promoter)


“One of my favourite artists from Reading.  Love the voice and the songs.”

Jack Cade (Reading artist)


“Noir Muisc”



“Original classic sound -so utterly unique and I love it!”

Khamsina (Reading artist)


“Superb vocals and musicianship.  You have a really unique sound”

The Mad Pride (Australian artist)


“Hypnotic guitar playing in time with the heartbeat of the world.  A deep baritone voice that seems to come from when time began.”

Andrew Shearer (Reading artist)


“Think Tom Waits/Nick Cave.  Yummy.”

Club Velocity (Reading promoter)