Beads on the Floor

A fearless kiss on love’s mountainside
The rush of promises in the late spring bloom
Not a moment to lose as hearts lock together
And spin silken thread in love’s womb
Oh this craft of love, it is so beautiful
I had never dreamed of such holy things
These colours amaze me, oh they amaze me
Beads to hang on love’s silken string
With quick elvan eyes and swift feet like the wind
Love can fly over sea and land
Oh but Time, my dears, will always find you
And she carries a pair of scissors in her hand
She shows no mercy, no there is no hope
When she enters through the back door
She pays no heed to your injured looks
As she scatters love’s beads on the floor
Some kneel and gather them; and live with them
In a room with wooden walls
Others bury them and say a prayer
And walk away to answer life’s call